Routes in Alicante

Map of province of Alicante, Spain
Province of Alicante

Province of Alicante

The province of Alicante is, with the main the exception of its southern extreme, a mountainous province with an undulating and built-up coastline, favoured above all by road cyclists who value its benign weather, testing climbs and abundant off-season accomodation.

The above video, with commentary in Valencian, highlights the exceptional beauty and interest of el Raco del Duc/el barranc de l'Infern section of the Serpis Greenway between the villages of Villalonga and L'Orxa.

Those looking for less-exacting bicycle touring routes can enjoy the greenways running east to west through the north of province, passing through Villena and taking us gently down to the coast in Gandia, running north along the coast from Denia to the neighbouring town of Oliva and its protected wetlands, and in the south of the province in and around the town of Torrevieja and its spectacular Laguna Rosa salt lake, among others.


Greenways in Alicante

Dénia Greenway 6 Km
  Flat route following the coast through orange groves to the historic city of Dénia.
Alcoi Greenway* 10 Km
  Following the course of the old Alcoi-Alicante railway in the Font Roja Natural Park.
Maigmó Greenway 22 Km
  A route punctuated with tunnels and viaducts in a land of potters and vineyards.
Torrevieja Greenway 6.7 Km
  Based on the old Albatera-Torrevieja railway through the Laguna Rosa salt lake.
Xixarra Greenway 15 Km
  Currently composed of 15 km of the original 84km of railway to the town of Biar.
Ibi Greenway 1.5 Km
  Running through a broad valley of farmland between the Menetjador and Cuartel ranges.
Serpis Greenway (in Spanish)*
  The spectacular Serpis Greenway runs from Muro de Alcoy to the coastal city of Gandia, following the route of the "Tren dels Anglesos" railway line along the River Serpis. Work is currently underway to connect this 40km route to the Alcoi Greenway.

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