Cicloturismo en la Comunidad Valenciana

Bicycle touring in the Valencian Community

Cicloturismo en la Comunidad Valenciana is part of a project that aims to FOSTER CYCLING as a strategy for the local development of towns and regions of the Valenica Community (

Conceived as an association registered with the Valencian Regional Government (Generalitat Valenciana), Ciclismo en la Comunidad Valenciana is made up of a team whose members have been drawn from the worlds of business, the public administration and groups dedicated to defending cycling as both a means of transport and a sustainable leisure activity.

This project is based on research carried out between 2014 and 2015 through the University of Alicante, during which the potential of cycling tourism (initially, in the province of Alicante), as well as the needs of European cyclists (the most mature segment of demand at the present time) was analyzed.

Although the project was initially focussed on the province of Alicante, it is currently being extended to the rest of the Valencian Community.

The Ciclismo en la Comunidad Valenciana website provides visitors with information on routes within the region, including extensive information on the Vía Verde network, as well as bicycle tourism-related services, such as bicycle rental and accommodation, etc.

Cycling routes in the Valencian Community

Cycling is a mode of active tourism that is characterized as an economic activity with a low carbon footprint and high potential for growth in Europe. In certain countries, bicycle tourism already represents a significant percentage of the overall domestic tourism revenue.

Its non-seasonal nature and strong local component, together with its minimal impact on the environment, make cycling tourism a key factor for the development of European regions. In this sense, the European Cyclists' Federation is developing, within the framework of the Europe2020 objective, a system of bike paths (EuroVelo) that will allow cyclists to tour the continent by bike.

Through its activities, Ciclismo en la Comunidad Valenciana aims to position the Valencian Community on the domestic and the international cycling maps, working to promote its activities from the ground up, that is, through the region’s citizens to potential domestic and European visitors.

The project has already received the backing of social groups working in favour of cycling and of local companies. If you think that you’d be able to help in the promotion of cycling in the Valencian Community, don’t hesitate to contact the team members via the Ciclismo en la Comunidad Valenciana website.

Ciclismo en la Comunidad Valenciana website

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