RuedaVLC Film Festival

RuedaVLC Valencia International Cycling Film Festival

The 1st edition of the @ruedavlc International Cycling Film Festival is scheduled to take place in Sala Off, Valencia between 19th and 22nd April.

The festival's programme is to include cycling-related events and films, with titles such as: 

Farfalla 30' + One Year on a Bike, 46'  
Cyclopedes 4'+ Slaying the Badger 78'  
Tall bike will save the word 26'+ The rider and the wolf 62'  
Hombre electrico 17' + Okhwan's Mission Impossible 68'  
Makkina 11' + Contromano 73'  
Velodrool 6' + Ovarian Psycos

The programming for the festival's children's section, known as RUEDA KIDS, is to include:

Angelinho 4'
La bici elefante 9'
Pat e Mat 8'
El sonido del piñón 2'
The world's first bicycle 5'

More information and updates about the festival can be found at the @ruedavlc Facebook page:

@ruedavlc Facebook

It sounds like a fine intitiative, so if you'd like to support the festival economically, and pick up a range of gifts in the process,  you can do so via its page at Verkami:

@ruedavlc Verkami

Sala OFF
C/ Turia 47. 46008 Valencia

Michael Dixon