New App “Jaume I a la Vall d’Albaida”

Cycling app Vall d'Albaida, Valencia, Spain

Discover the new app for the “Jaume I a la Vall d’Albaida” route, which takes in the towns of  Bocairent, Ontinyent, Albaida, Bufali, Montaverner, la Pobla del Duc and Llutxent, located in the southernmost region of the province of Valencia. 

Coverning a total of 49 km, the route is divided into 5 stages.

The complementary "Moors Path" route covers some 11 km, taking us from the town of Pobla del Duc to nearby Castelló de Rugat, Rugat and Aielo de Rugat, following the trail of the area's Moorish past and finishing with the climb up to Rugat Castle, in the shadow of the Benicadell mountain range

The information can also be downloaded in PDF and map format.

Download >> App “Jaume I a la Vall d’Albaida”  

Available in Spanish, Valencian and English.

Cycling in Vall d'Albaida, Valencia, Spain

Michael Dixon

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