Feature - La Panavista Villa, Tàrbena

La Pananvista Villa, Cycling Accommodation, Tàrbena, Alicante

Nestled in the mountains above the village of Tàrbena, La Panavista is a self-contained Spanish villa which serves as an excellent option for relaxing and enjoying this spectacular corner of the Valencia Region.

View of Tàrbena, Alicante
View of Tàrbena and Costa Blanca from La Panavista

Offering magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, its location near the roads leading to the area's renowned climbs of Coll de Rates and Port de Sa Creuta make it a great base from which to explore the province of Alicante exploring the area by bike.

La Panavista, Tàrbena, Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain
La Panavista, Tàrbena, Alicante

Equipped with ample parking space, a swimming pool for warmer weather, an open chimney for the winter, and a glazed patio for all year round, the 2-bedroom villa sleeps 4 /5 people and their is plenty of space for storing bicycles when not in use.

View of Sierra de Bernia from La Panavista, Tárbena, Alicante
View of Sierra de Bernia from La Panavista

Within walking distance of the village of Tàrbena, La Panavista is a half-hour drive from the village of Jalón, some 20 minutes from Fuentes de Algar and around 45 minutes from the Costa Blanca beach towns of Calpe and Albir.

View of Sierra de Bernia from La Panavista in Tàrbena
View of Sierra de Bernia from La Panavista in Tàrbena

A few words from Aslak, the owner of La Panavista

Norwegian owner Aslak Johansen is a keen cyclist and a big fan of Alicante as a cycling destination, as he explained to us when we met up at La Panavista one day in early spring.

: How did you come to take up cycling?

Aslak: I started selling mountain bikes in 1992 (Gary Fisher, Diamond Back and Richey bikes), as a part time job beside school. But it was not until my cousin introduced me to road cycling in 2014 that I became a keen cyclist. I am part of an unformal cycling club, Cyclopaths OSL: it's a social club that runs an event called the Height Meter Championship, during which we climb a set route for 6 hours. We have about 200 members and we have our own kit (this year's is based on a Spanish theme). We also have friend clubs, Cyclopaths ZRH (Zurich) and LND (London). Perhaps Cyclopaths VLC could be something to look into in the future.We are planning a Tàrbena training camp either in Fall '19 or Spring '20. I can´t wait to show them the area.

Cyclopaths OSL's Spanish themed 2019 kit
Cyclopaths OSL's Spanish themed 2019 kit

Onyourbike: You live in Norway: what is the cycling community like there? Is cycling very popular? If so, which modes of cycling: commuting, leisure, racing, cargo bikes? Are you able to ride all year round?

Aslak: Cycling is quite big in Norway, despite the cold winter. Road cycling has grown hand in hand with the popularity of cycling as a sport. And it has increased with the successful cyclists like Thor Hushovd, Edvald Boasson Hagen and Alexander Kristoff. Downhill, MTB, trail and cylocross are all disciplines that have increased in popularity. I use spikes on my MTB and electric cargobike during the winter. A lot of people commute all year round.

View of the village of Tàrbena from La Panavista cycling accommodation, Costa Blanca, Spain
View of the village of Tàrbena from La Panavista with the Mediterranean coast in the background

Onyourbike: How did you discover the region around Tàrbena/Coll de Rates? Was it originally your idea to acquire a house in area, or did you discover it as a cyclist first?

Aslak: My wife's sister have lived down by the coast for the last twenty years with her family. We have visited them a lot of times, and had done some walking up in Tàrbena. We wanted something a bit removed from the more touristy areas and yet not too far from the family. I knew the whole area was great for cycling.

Onyourbike: What do you think are the advantages of the area for cyclists?

Aslak: I have been cycling quite a lot of great places, but I am really amazed at the possibilites for cycling in this area. The variety of cycling. There are endless alternatives of routes, mountains, flats, etc. I really treasure the quality of the roads and that there is so little traffic. It might be different when starting from e.g. Altea or Calpe, but starting from Tàrbena, you really have the roads to yourself. Although it is a popular destination for cyclist, I enjoy that is not as packed with cyclists as Mallorca, for example.

View of Coll de Rates from Tàrbena, Alicante
View of Coll de Rates from the road to Sa Creueta, Tàrbena

 Onyourbike: Do you have a favourite route in the area?

Aslak: That must be TàrbenaCastell de CastellsFagecaTollos Vall d’EboOrba ParcentTàrbena. It is amazing with the narrow, but really high-standard roads from Tollos, the breath-taking view from going over Col d’Ebo and of course the last climb up Coll de Rates. You can expect to see only a handful of cars until you have descended down the Col d’Ebo.  

Onyourbike: Do you think there is a best time of the year to visit the area?

Aslak: This is an all-year destination for cycling, and all the seasons have their own characteristics. Cycling on a cool, crisp February morning or starting at dusk to avoid the worst heat in August. If you enjoy using the pool at La Panavista, then from mid-April until October is a nice time.

Sierra de Bernia from la Panavista, Tàrbena, Alicante
Sierra de Bernia from la Panavista

Onyourbike: Apart from cycling, what other activities would you recommend when in the area? Do you have a favourite non-cycling area or village that you like to visit when you are here?

Aslak: The area actually has more to offer than I knew when we bought the house. Of course you have the hiking, with the trails starting just outside the house. Tàrbana is also a good area for climbing and bouldering, trail biking and running. I had been to the village Tàrbena a couple of times, but as I've got to know it better I have discovered it is such a friendly, authentic Spanish village. There are plenty of good restaurants and places for lunch; you have the paella at Ca’s Pelut, the really homely and tasty cooking at Can Pinet and the bar on the Plaza. My favourite place is up at Sa Caseta des Moros, a 25 minutes’ walk just outside Tàrbena. From this moorish castle you have the best view towards Benidorm, Sierra Bernia, Aitana and the whole area below you.

Onyourbike: Have you had the opportunity to ride your bikes in other areas in Valencia/Spain?

Aslak: I have been riding both in Barcelona and Malaga. Both places were great. It was surprising how fast you got out of the city centre in Barcelona and onto quiet roads. Malaga also had some really good climbs.

For further information about La Panavista, you can contact Aslak via the link below:

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