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Cycling in Valencia - bike routes in Castellón

The Provincial Council of Valencia's northern province, Castellón, is promoting cycling tourism by means of 31 cycling routes covering 2,347 kilometres throughout the province

The Castellón Provincial Council, which is committed to cycling as a source of new opportunities for the development of the region’s towns and villages, has created 31 cycling routes covering some 2,347 kilometres spread throughout the entire province.

This project sees the Provincial Council add these specialized routes to the region’s existing tourism offer, which already includes the promotion of leisure and competitive cycling throughout Castellón under the umbrella of the Castellón Escenario Deportivo programme.

The Chair of the Provincial Council, Javier Moliner, recently presented the hard copies of the routes’ guidebooks in an event held before a group of cycling club members and touring cyclists. The content of the print versions of the guides is already available for downloading at

“We believe in Castellón’s potential, and we have already seen that sport represents health and positive values, as well as wealth, employment and opportunities for our people and our towns and villages. And it is this conviction that has led to this initiative to improve the promotion of the region’s cycling attractions and resources, both for Castellón’s own cyclists and for the thousands of tourists who never leave home without their bikes”, said Moliner.

Moliner went on to explain that "these are the most complete guides to cycle touring routes in our province published so far. They cover a total of 31 routes of all levels and include the region’s main locations of interest, because in addition to providing exercise, this sport enables visitors to enjoy Castellón’s landscapes, towns and gastronomy.”

Each guidebook includes a technical profile and an explanation of the municipalities the route passes through, as well as eating recommendations and the main tourist attractions to visit in the area.

Cycle tourism, strategic for the future of tourism in Castellón

The Castellón Provincial Council's promotion of cycling in the province is conceived from a cross-cutting perspective: by providing promotional and specialized material, by encouraging the adaptation of the province’s tourism offer to the needs of cycle tourists by means of lines of support, by participating in specialized trade fairs and by promoting the celebration of cycling events in the province’s towns and villages.

Cycle tourists figure as a priority target group within the Provincial Council Tourism Marketing Plan, as well as within the Castellón Province’s Strategic Tourism Plan for 2017-2020.

For further information about Castellón's cycle routes, as well as downloadable guides:

Have fun and discover Castellón on two wheels

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